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Red-y For Summer

A new look doesn’t have to break the bank as I found when I decided to mix things up a little before summer arrives!

My hair was previously dyed a dark chocolate brown with reddish undertones so my first step was to try and strip off as much of this colour as I could. Underneath I’m naturally a mousey-brown, almost blonde colour so I needed to try and get as close to that as possible.

I loved my dark hair but if I wanted to brighten things up for summer it’d have to go!

I used Colour B4’s Extra Strength Colour Remover – I’ve used this before and I’m always surprised by how well it works. I dye my hair fairly regularly so there’s usually a decent amount of colour build up on there but with this I just leave it on for an hour and it lightens it considerably!

The great thing about Colour B4 is it doesn’t use bleach or anything so it doesn’t damage your hair too much. Often if I’ve used a red-based dye (as most of my browns / purple / reds are) my hair will usually have a red-ish, almost ginger tinge to it, even after using the Colour Remover but this isn’t too much of a problem. My hair ends up light enough to put another dye over the top and that’s the main thing for me!

After turning slightly ginger I had to leave for work so I left my hair overnight before putting the next colour on!

The next day it was time to go red! I’ve used Schwarzkopf Live hair dyes before but this was my first time using their Intense Colour collection – I was a little nervous to be honest because these dyes are specifically designed for dark hair and contain a little bleach to help lighten it. My hair’s never been bleached before so this was a first for me!

Back when I bought the dye I did the allergy test and nothing happened so I assumed I’d be fine and I was! My hair’s a couple of inches below shoulder-length and moderately thick so I only used one box and it provided plenty of coverage, however if it was a couple of inches longer I’d consider using a second box!

30 minutes later and it was time to rinse off the dye and condition my hair! My first impression wasn’t great to be honest; it looked darker than I’d anticipated and more brown than anything but then I let my hair dry fully and stepped into natural sunlight and I realised my hair was exactly what I’d been wanting!

In dim light the hair looks pretty natural with just a slight red tint but in daylight and properly lit rooms it comes alive! It’s warm, firey, bright and I love it!


I styled my make up to match my hair and chose a lot of red! It’s a really fun look and I love it – I feel summery and bold and brilliant!

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