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Fashion Favourite: Emma Watson

We’re taking a step away from high street favourites and looking at some style inspiration from the awesome Emma Watson!

I love, love, love this look from this May’s Met Gala! It caused a big stir at the time for being made from recycled plastic bottles but I love it for other reasons. She rocks the classic fitted bodice and off-the shoulder sleeves on the top half but what really makes this unique is the bottom half which boast trousers layered with layered skirts and a full train. It’s daring with it’s geometric cuts but the monochrome palette calms it down and lets the beauty of it’s shape shine through. Plus, who could fault a completely sustainable dress?! It’s awesome!

For last April’s Time 100 Gala she took what could have been a plain boring top-and-trousers and made it something a little special. It’s mature but not old and the low-cut back makes it super-feminine.

Some have criticised the drape for looking a little disjointed by not being attached to the trousers but I feel like that would have been too much grey in one place and not looked at structured and designed as this piece did. Plus, the high-waist placement and the gorgeous neckline of the top give her a subtle but awesome hourglass figure!

Moving away from the trousers look and towards gowns, I adore this white dress from the 2014 British Fashion Awards. It’s so simple but flattering. It’s classic and difficult to fault and is paired perfectly with the simple hairstyle and red lipstick. I’ll admit I wasn’t a huge fan of it paired with the long-blazer but each alone was fantastic!

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