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Interview Style

Regardless of your age, gender or even what job you’er going for, choosing a killer outfit for your interview is always stressful. You want to look smart, professional and have them begging to give you the job but you also don’t want to look like every other candidate they’ve had – you need to stand out and make sure you inject a little of your awesome personality into what you’re wearing!

Last week I had an interview with Peppersmith who make these absolutely awesome mints and gums which contain Xylitol – no that’s not some creepy sci-fi poison but it is this stuff that’s really good for your teeth and can help reduce the effects of snacking and sugary drinks. As some one who’s had more fillings than I can remember, as soon as I heard this I was sold and have since fallen in love with their products.

But, all that aside, they’re still a pretty new company with some really innovative ideas and I see loads of potential  in them, therefore I needed my outfit to give off the same vibes and show them I could be super-creative while still getting the job done. And the best part? It didn’t break the bank!


The Shirt

I’ll be honest, this took me longer to find than I care to admit. Me and Dan went to a ridiculous number of shops, literally all over London before I found the shirt for me.

My biggest piece of advice for dressing for any interview is that you need to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing and, for me, that involved finding the right shirt. In the end I found this beauty in Zara for around £20 and as soon as I tried it on I knew it was for me!

It’s cute, fits perfectly and can be worn tucked in or un-tucked depending on the look I want on that day. Plus, the splash of navy blue down the buttons is super-cute!

The Trousers

I love skinny trousers – jeans, leggings, regular trousers, suit trousers, anything – the skinnier the better for me! I just don’t look right in bootcut or regular trousers. That’s why my next piece of advice is to dress for your body type!

Don’t feel you have to wear a certain style just because other people do – if you look better in a skirt or dress wear that. If you want a different cut of trousers, you go for it! As long as you’re still dressing appropriately (i.e. not a mini skirt of hotpants) you should be fine!

These black trousers were a pair I found in New Look a while back now and probably cost me around £20-25. I love the little gold zips on the pockets because they stop these from being just another boring pair of trousers. Plus, can we just take a minute to appreciate trouser pockets that you can actually fit things in! ❤

The Blazer

I had a choice of 2 black blazers I could have worn to this interview but in the end the shorter one with the longer sleeves won out – the other one was edging on looking a little too school uniform when paired with this shirt.

This particular one I found in H&M around Christmas time and, although it was a present from Dan, I do know it was around £30 – so again, super affordable but very cute!

It’s very flattering, fits great and really shows off your waist fantastically without looking trashy – to me it says powerful but fun and that’s why I love it!

The Accessories

Finally the bag and shoes were both just picked up from Primark – the black flats were pretty basic and probably cost me around a fiver. They’re simple but comfy and as I had to get 2 trains there and had no idea where the office was at first, comfort was a pretty high priority for me!

The bag again just cost £10 from Primark but with the cute blocks of colour and art-deco style shape I feel it looks like it could have cost a lot more! It was the perfect size to hold all my essentials plus a book to read on the train – I couldn’t really have asked for anything more!

All the rest of the jewelry was simple and silver – my silver leaf ring and a matching set of silver feather earrings and a necklace. Feminine but not trashy and they really tied everything together.

Hair and Make-Up

This is always a difficult one at interviews because you want to show you made an effort but too much can make you look trashy. I went for a bare face with a touch of peach coloured blush, black eyeliner with a touch of gold eyeshadow and strong brows (my favourite kind of eyebrow…).

The hair I simply swept to the side, added a few clip-in extensions to increase the length a little and added a little curl to the top layers. It was feminine yet classic.


So there you go, a solid interview outfit for under £100! Let me know in the comments what your favourite item was or what your go-to interview outfit is!


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