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How To Wear a Summer Dress in Autumn

I love summer dresses! They always make me feel all feminine and happy. But you can’t wear them throughout Autumn and Winter, right? The weather just won’t allow it…

Well not exactly.

I’m a big believer that there are some items you can wear throughout the year and that mini dresses can be one of those if you want them to be!

Take a look at this little summery mini-dress from Superdry. If you saw my last video you’ll know I managed to get this from an outlet store just outside New York (thanks Sarah-Jane and Charlotte!) for just $20, down from $60.

IMG_9063 copy.jpg

I love this dress because it creates such a flattering and feminine silhouette but it’s also really comfy to wear! Plus, the fact it has a nice thick sort-of underskirt means that even though it’s quite a short dress you still feel nice and covered-up.

Throughout the year I like to accessorise it with some light jewellery; a long leaf silver necklace, silver leaf earrings and a cute little brooch.

But here’s the thing… just because it’s a summer dress doesn’t mean I can’t wear it throughout Autumn and Winter, so here’s how I style it in the chillier months:

By adding thick 100 denier black tights and some on-trend knee-high boots you can make sure you stay cosy and warm and still look great.

IMG_8764 copy.jpg

IMG_8875 copy.jpg

It’s also a great idea to layer a jumper over the top to both stay warm and bring the whole outfit in-line with this season’s trends. I adore this H&M cropped jumper.


As the dress has a pretty high waistline, adding a cropped jumper means you still maintain the same silhouette giving you an hourglass figure. A longer jumper would squash the skater-skirt of the dress and make it look clumpy, strange and making you appear to have a bigger tummy than you do.

IMG_8718 copy.jpg

Plus, look how cute the back is!

IMG_8733 copy.jpg

IMG_8746 copy.jpg

When you’re heading out, I like to layer a long coat over the whole outfit. A trench coat is a nice call but my current favourite is this long, military-style black coat from H&M. It’s perfectly on-trend for AW16, plus it’s so comfy and warm; it’s great for wearing open or tied and is versatile enough to pair with most outfits.

IMG_8692 copy.jpg

IMG_8713 copy.jpg

Let me know what you think of this Autumn outfit down in the comments or how you would style this Superdry dress! 🙂

Plus, don’t forget to head over and subscribe to my Youtube Channel here, I would love you all forever!

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