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Autumn Nail Favourites

I’ve personally never been the type of girl to have long nails and fancy nail art, although I do love watching nail videos and seeing what other people do.

Take Simply Nailogical for example; hers is one of my favourite Youtube Channels and on some level I’d love to be able to have nails as awesome as hers but, if I’m honest, I know they’ll never be practical for me. I’m a blogger. A photographer. A painter. I use my hands for everything and it’s not exactly on the same level as, say, a builder or a carpenter, but it’s enough that long-nails would be more than a little inconvenient.

Still, I love painting my nails and this autumn I’ve been going for some pretty classic, warm colours; burgandy, red and orange. Here are a couple of my favourites:


Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine – Berries and Cream

A gorgeous colour, plus is really is fast drying which is great for me because I’m so impatient!

Rimmel Salon Pro – Summer Orange

The texture on this is so smooth, it’s so easy to apply. Plus, it dries both quickly and evenly.

Barry M Nail Paint – Red

Barry M make some of my favourite nail varnishes, not only because the colours are amazing and this red is super-bold, but because they’re so wonderfully thick and pigmented that you never need more that one coat!


But, I’ll be honest, while these are great they’re still secondary to my absolute favourite of this season…


Barry M’s Molton Metal Nail Paint – Bronze Bae

Metalic naiils are pretty popular right now and this is my favourite of all my metalic nail polishes because I feel like it actually does look like metal on your nails!

I’m a little tempted to go back and get the gold colour now as well but for now the bronze is absolutely perfect for my skin tone and goes with pretty much every Autumn outfit!



What’s your favourite nail varnish at the moment?

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