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3 Shoes to Wear with Metallic Jeans

Since I quit my job I’ve not really been able to buy new clothes (sniff!) but my wishlist is forever growing. That said, today I decided to go for it and buy a pair of Primark Metalic Jeans.  I saw them a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t decide whether I loved them or hated them; were they cute or tacky?!

I went away, had a long think about them and decided I loved them.

They came in 2 colours – pewter and pink – the pink was very different from anything else I have in my wardrobe and would be a big statement piece. The pewter jeans were definitely more wearable and the safer choice.

At £13 they’re super-affordably for the average person but still a bit of an investment for an unemployed blogger so I decided to play it safe and get the pewter pair and don’t regret it for a second. (Even less regret when I got to the till and they scanned at just £10!)

Here are 3 cute pairs of heels I’m going to be wearing with these metallic jeans:

The Basic Black Heels


These are my favourite heels at the moment. I got them from New Look about a year ago now to replace my last pair of black heels which finally gave up on me after 5 years of love.


These are my go-to heels every time I go out – they go with everything and are super-comfy!



The Pretty, Pink & Easy-To-Wear Heels


These are definitely the easiest to wear of the heels I’m pairing with these jeans. They have the lowest heels and the classic shape meaning they’re easy to dress up or down – you can wear them out to a restaurant or to the office and they’ll go with so much!


The pale pink colour is so pretty and feminine but the gorgeous black stripe with studs at the back give them a slightly tougher edge because we all know I’m not exactly a girly-girl…


The Serious Statement Heels


Before I say anything about these shoes, let’s just take a moment to look at them and really appreciate how completely beautiful they are.




*Sigh* 7 years after buying these Irregular Choice ice cream shoes and I’m still in awe of how completely gorgeous they are. To say I love these shoes is an understatement. Just look at them!


So these are a big statement piece. They are going to get noticed. With the other shoes, I went for a subtle shoe that wouldn’t outshine the metallic jeans but complement them. Here, I decided if I was going to take a big bold step with the trousers, I might as well go all in!



This combination definitely isn’t for everyday where but if you’re ready to make a statement and want a little bit of fun in your outfit this is definitely the way to go!


What’s On Top?

If anyone’s interested, the t-shirt I’m wearing with the jeans in these photos is probably not one I’d pair with all these shoes, maybe only the black ones. It’d give a cute casual touch to the jeans and heels combo.

This is my Love, Pluto T-Shirt that I actually designed myself which sold on Cotton Bureau. Not only do I think it’s the cutest (even if I am biased!) but it’s dead comfy and fits perfectly.

It’s not selling over there at the moment but if you sign up with your email address you’ll be notified if I ever decide to pop it back on sale 🙂


What’s your opinion on metallic jeans and what shoes would you wear with mine? Let me know down in the comments!

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