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5 Fashion Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Don’t worry, we’ve all made some horrific fashion choices in our time and we’re going to continue to. It’s just one of those things. But here are 5 things you might not even realise you’re doing wrong but should probably stop anyway…


In Summary…

If you don’t fancy sitting through 10 whole minutes of me blabbering on, here are the highlights:

  1. You’re Wearing the Wrong Size

    You might not even realise you are but don’t get hung up on the numbers. Just because you’re a size 10 in one brand, doesn’t mean you don’t need a 12 in a different brand. Similarly, don’t be afraid to go smaller because you don’t think it’s ‘you‘ – I wrongly avoided buying size 6 for a long time because I was told ‘real girls aren’t that small’ and it was a big mistake.

    Consider how each individual item fits, not on what size it is. Plus, read this.

  2. You Don’t Own Well-Fitting Basics

    Think plain t-shirts, good fitting jeans, comfy shoes, a smart blazer, etc.

    If you don’t have these basics then what are you wearing? Too many big statement pieces are going to look stupid – you need the basics to complement any statement piece. You build an outfit around the basics.

  3. You Always Wear The Same Colour

    Go take a look at your wardrobe – is there an overwhelming abundance of one particular colour? Blue maybe or black are the most common ones…

    Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit and try a different colour or pattern or fabric that you’re not used to. It’s all part of the fun of fashion – trying new things and playing around with what works for you!

  4. You Don’t Dress For Your Body Shape

    Do you know what your body shape is? If not, read this.

    Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter which one your body shape is, as long as you know how to dress for it. You can accentuate the good bits and cover up the bits you don’t like so much. Once you can do this, you’re going to look amazing.

    Similarly, you can have the most gorgeous figure in the world, but if you don’t dress to suit it then what’s the point?

    Figure out what you’re body shape is and what suits it – think Hemlines, necklines, waists, etc.

  5. You Blindly Follow Trends

    What’s the point in buying something just because it’s on-trend? Or it’s cool? Or everyone else is wearing it? Come on, you’re not 12 anymore. No one is going to judge you because you’re not wearing X, Y, or Z style or brand or colour. But, you might get a few funny looks if you wear a bright yellow, sequinned ballgown to Asda…

    Regardless of what is or isn’t in fashion, always make sure you’re only buying clothes that:
    a) Suit you
    b) Fit you well
    c) Fit with the rest of your wardrobe
    d) You have somewhere / some reason to wear it

What fashion mistakes have you been making? Or what style advice do you have? Let me know down in the comments! 🙂

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