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OOTD: Casual Layering

This week has been a lazy week since Dan has the week off work. Every lazy day needs a lazy outfit to go with it, but that doesn’t mean you have to look awful – here’s one of my go-to lazy day outfits.


Skinny jeans are my favourite. They’re comfy and always look good. This pair are my current favourite – they’re a high-waisted size 6 from H&M and are made out of a really stretchy fabric so they’re dad comfy for travelling, heading out or curling up on the settee!



The black vest-top is another of my comfy favourites. Like a lot of my clothes, I’ve had this one for years – so long I don’t even remember buying it. That said, I’m pretty sure it was just a Primark top and it’s at least 6 years old so it’s doing pretty well at the minute!

It’s perfect for wearing on it’s own in the summer of layering in Autumn / Winter under shirts or jumpers.



This shirt is the shirt I remember wearing (over my favourite Belle and Sebastian t-shirt) on my first ever day of uni. I’m pretty sure I’ve had it since I was about 16 and I found it in Cow – one of my favourite Vintage shops in Sheffield. (They also have a large shop in Birmingham if anyone wants to check them out, they’re pretty amazing!)



A slightly controversial choice amongs some (aka. boring people 😉 ) but I LOVE non-matching jewellery. Yes some people find it strange but to them I say ‘PAH!’

My favourite way to jazz-up a fairly simple outfit is with quirky jewelry choices. For this outfit I chose one long black and red feathered earring, a small silver stud with ear-cuff and a silver feather necklace (a wonderful graduation gift from my parents -thanks!!) to tie the two together.


Asymmetrical hems are in, so why shouldn’t asymmetrical jewelry be too?  😛


For my makeup I went with a very simple bold brow, a red, orange and gold eye and a deep red lip which is perfect for autumn and winter!

As a bonus, here’s a photo where the wind made my hair look amazing but my face ridiculous – enjoy! 😉




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