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Gilmore Girls, Final 4 Words: Predictions

It’s currently 4 hours and 18 minutes until I can begin to binge watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and I am ridiculously excited! Like, stupidly so. This is a little off-topic for this blog but I figured it was still relevant enough to post here because Gilmore Girls is life. 

I’ll admit I didn’t even watch Gilmore Girls until earlier this year. Don’t even ask me what I’d been doing with my life up until that point because even I don’t know. But, I immediately fell in love with it. While Dan was away in New York I spent my evenings binge-watching all seven seasons (yes, even enjoying the seventh season) and laughing along and crying more often than I care to admit.

It was only after I finished the final episode, whilst blubbering like a baby, that I discovered this year Netflix were releasing 4 BRAND NEW 90-minute Gilmore Girls episodes. I can’t even say how lucky I felt; instead of having to wait 9 years like everyone else, I only had to wait maybe 2 months to get my next Gilmore-fix. Amazing.

And now it’s here. It’s finally here. I’ve told Dan he can’t disturb me for the whole of tomorrow. I’m having the big TV in the living room. I don’t care that I have a dentist appointment tomorrow because I’m not leaving the house until I’ve watched those 4 episodes and heard the last 4 words.


It’s always been a bit of a legend among Gilmore Girls fans that the show never quite ended as creator,  Amy Sherman-Palladino, would have liked as she wasn’t involved in the last season. She’d always planned a ‘final 4 words’ to end on and they weren’t said. Everyone was left wondering WHAT WERE THEY? And now, we finally get to hear them!

Here’s what we know about them from the internet:

  • They’re an exchange between Lorelai and Rory
  • They leave the show “not as resolved” as one would expect it to be
  • Apparently they ‘aren’t just any words…It’s more philosophical’
  • Matt Czuchry who plays Logan thinks it could cause ‘a heated debate‘ among fans
  • Alexis Bledel (Rory) said that it’s typical of Amy’s story telling but ‘it does kind of throw you
  • Apparently the words might be said by more than one character – are they saying them together or are they split up?
  • Kelly Bishop (Emily) was not happy – she said ‘If it’s true, this is a really lousy thing to say, if it’s really true that those are the last four words then my reaction is, ‘Eh.’ That’s it.”‘ Eek!

The Final Words

So here are my thoughts about what those last 4 words could be:

  1. Lorelai: ‘Christopher’s not your father.’
    Unlikely but possible. Gilmore Girls has always been good with the emotional family stuff and the whole show (obviously) focuses on Lorelai and Rory’s relationship so how messed up would it be if it turns out Lorelai has been lying to Rory her whole life about who her Dad actually is. It would explain who Lorelai didn’t stay with Christopher after she found out she was pregnant. It might even explain why she still didn’t feel right being with him during the beginning of season 7. Maybe?
  2. Something referencing Luke’s and / or Coffee
    I mean let’s be honest. Everything is centered around their love of coffee and Luke’s Diner, it is the ongoing joke / theme / everything throughout all seven seasons, so this would make sense and be quite fitting, but honestly, I think this is just a little too predictable and dull. Besides, the last episode of season 7 ended with a nice mirror of the final scene of the pilot, so this has kind of already been done.
  3. ‘I’ll miss you, mom.’
    Either said by Lorelai if something happens to Emily – plus it would be a nice way to try and patch up their relationship which has been rocky throughout the entire series. (Similarly, in this case it could also be an ‘I’m so sorry mom.’ or an ‘I forgive you, mom. etc.)
    Or it could be said by Rory to Lorelai as she leaves for some reason or if one of them died / got ill (please no!)
  4. ‘Mom, I’m pregnant’ / ‘L: I’m pregnant. R: Me Too.’ / ‘R: Her name is Lorelai.’
    Something to do with babies, specifically Rory being pregnant is a big thing that could happen. Many people think maybe it could end with Rory having her baby and naming her Lorelai too. Or maybe she’d name it after Emily or Richard and this would be the big ending?  Similarly, some kind of ‘I’m keeping the baby’ or ‘It looks like him’ line would be a possibility – actually, new thought what if Luke and Lorelai have a baby and something happens to Luke and they use this line?! (Ugh. Once again. No please don’t let this be it! 😥 )
  5. An inside joke / reference to an older episode.
    You know, something along the lines or relating to pie, or to Kirk or to Al’s Pancake House, or just ‘Oy With the Poodles‘…

Other random options and other people’s suggestions include:

  • ‘I’m still all in.’
  • ‘I’m glad you’re back.’ / ‘I’m glad you’re home’
  • ‘Stars Hollow is home’
  • R: ‘Who’s my dad?’ L: *Name*
  • ‘Want more coffee?’ ‘Always.’
  • ‘You need to leave.’
  • ‘We’re in this together.’
  • L: ‘What are you reading?’ R: *Book name*

The Worry…

When you’ve got a show that’s as incredible as Gilmore Girls, which went on for as long as it did, and the creator(s) have this idea in their head for how they want it to end and aren’t going to change that it’s tricky.

It could be amazing because suddenly you’re like ‘Everything fits into place. That was perfect.’

Or you could have an How I Met Your Mother moment – where the finale would have been perfect after seasons 1, 2 or 3 but having it end as it did after so many seasons just left you with a ‘well they just threw away year’s worth of character development and story lines and that sucks’ type of reaction.

Either way, people are going to be split over this no matter what it is. I’m just hoping we get a great ending to a great series. I want to enjoy the 4 episodes but I also don’t want those last 4 words to overshadow them, which I fear they easily could. It’s tough.

Still, after researching and writing this whole thing I only have 3 hours and 27 minutes to wait! Eeee!

What do you think the final 4 words will be?


2 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls, Final 4 Words: Predictions”

    1. Yesss 🙂 I sat and watched it through from 8am – 2pm 😛 I loved it too! And it just seemed so fitting with the whole series being about mothers and their kids that that was how it ended!


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