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Green Look of the Day

Today I decided to embrace a colour I don’t wear too often: Green.

I have weird feelings about green. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I feel like it’s the worst colour ever.

That said, this green and white leaf-patterned dress has been one of my favourites for the last couple of years and I love how bright and summer-y it feels. It really helps brighten up the middle of winter.


For the makeup I kept it simple with just a pale pink lipgloss and peach blush and concentrated on a nice, bold eye.

I went for a pale gold > green smokey eye with a bold, black eyeliner.



While I normally prefer to leave my hair to itself and embrace it’s natural wavy texture, today I decided to apply a little heat and straighten it. Not a look I wear often but it’s nice to mix things up sometimes 🙂





What do you think of this look? Let me know down in the comments 🙂

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