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How To Figure Out Your Eye Shape

For me, figuring out my eye shape and face shape and other facial characteristics was a big step forward in improving my makeup. It helped me figure out what type of makeup application would work for me and what wouldn’t. It also gave me a sense of purpose for my makeup – it helped me understand why I was wearing it and what I was trying to achieve.

There are 6 possible eye shapes you might have:

  • Monolid
  • Upturned
  • Downturned
  • Hooded
  • Round
  • Almond

Here’s the video tutorial:

Basic Steps To Identify Your Eye Shape:

First up, grab a mirror & look at yourself straight on!

1. Do You Have A Crease On Your Eyelid

This is the easiest thing to recognise; if you don’t have a crease, you have a monolid.

If you do…

2. Are the corners of your eyes up- or down-turned.

Let’s have a look at the outer corners of your eye next. So imagine there’s this line running horizontally across the centre of your eye – if you’re struggling with this you can hold up something straight and thin like a makeup brush or draw on a photo, like I did:


Now where does the outer corner of your eye fall on this line – above, below or on the line?

If it’s above you have upturned eyes.

If it’s below you have downturned eyes.

But if the outer corner falls pretty much on the centre (like mine do!) then there are a few more questions…

3. How much of the eyelid and crease can you see?

Now back to the eyelids; you want to take a look at this bit of the eyelid below the crease and the crease itself.

Sit with your eyes naturally wide open and ask yourself how much of the actual lid and crease you can see.

If the crease isn’t visible because it’s hidden by this upper part of your lid, then you have hooded eyes.

If the crease is visible then there’s just one more question before we determine your eye shape…

4. How much of the white of your eyes can you see above / below the eye?

The last thing we want to look at is the whites of your eyes and the position of the iris (the colored bit).

So with your eyes just naturally resting open and looking forwards – if you can see a significant white area around the top or bottom of the iris you have round eyes.

Or if, like me, you can’t see any white at the top or bottom because the iris touches the top and bottom lids then you have almond eyes.

What About Your Eye Position?

Now we’ve figured out your eye shape, let’s figure out your eye position!

The first thing we’re going to consider is the width of the gap between your eyes if the space between your eyes is equal to the approximately the width of one of your eyes, like mine, then that doesn’t really need any special consideration.


But, if the width is wider than one of your eyes then you have wide set eyes.

If the gap is narrower than one eye width, you have close set eyes.

Now we want to look at the depth of your eyes – most people won’t have to consider this but those that do will either notice:

The eyes seem to be tucked further back into the socket so the upper eyelid appears short – these are Deep Set Eyes.

Or, they’ll notice their eyes seem to bulge outwards a little more and these are Protruding Eyes.

The last thing is to consider the size of your eyes in relation to the rest of your face.

This one is tough because it’s going to be a little more subjective and require you to use your judgement but, in general, it’s thought that the width of your eyes should be around the same as the width of the tip of your nose or your mouth.

If your eyes are considerably bigger than your other features then you have large eyes.

But if like me your eyes are smaller than your other features, you obviously have small eyes – it’s not a big thing on me and it’s not hugely noticeable but it’s enough that I try to take it into consideration when I do my makeup and avoid certain techniques that would make my eyes appear even smaller.


So hopefully by now you should have an idea of what your eye shape is which is a great place to start!

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