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Christmas OOTD

It’s Christmas Eve Eve! Tomorrow me and Dan will be travelling up to Penistone in South Yorkshire to spend Christmas with my family and I’m finally starting to feel Christmasy! All my presents are bought and I’m impatient to give them out to everyone, especially my little nephew. 🙂

To get into the Christmas spirit I grabbed one of my favourite Christmas dresses last night. Ok, so it’s not actually a Christmas dress but I always end up wearing it at Christmas because of the gorgeous colour.


I styled it with simple silver jewellery and red heels. Then I span around a lot pretending to be a fairy…






These photos also feature our first ever Christmas tree together! It’s an artificial one because living in a 7th floor flat would make disposing of a real one impossible and seriously messy!

Also, proud to say we managed to decorate this beauty on a tiny budget of just £20! We actually came in under budget but then I realised I forgot to buy a tree topper… so we improvised by sitting one of our stuffed animals on top. This beauty is Dopey and he is our Christmas Owl this year.




Last few photos now. This little beauty I’m with is the latest addition to our family (yes, we LOVE stuffed animals, it’s a problem!). His name is Cinnamon and he has such a wonky nose; I immediately fell in love and couldn’t bring myself to leave him in the shop!




Do you have a go-to Christmas outfit? Tell me what yours is down in the comments! 🙂

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