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1 Product, 2 Looks: Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eye Shadow

After Christmas this year, I decided to treat myself to a couple of new bits of makeup. One of the products I’ve really been wanting to try for a while is Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo 24h Cream Eye Shadow – it comes in some amazing colours and at just £4.99 each they’re really affordable!

So affordable that I got 2…


These shades are Turquoise Forever and Eternal Gold:

I love these so much, I’ve decided to do a little tutorial for you guys to show 2 really simple looks using this one product!

Preparing My Face

Before I show you the 2 eye makeup looks I’ll quickly run through what I did with the rest of my face.

I began with a light covering of foundation using Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Cameo.


Then filled my eyebrows in using my favourite brow product: Maybelline’s Master Brow Pro Palette Kit in Deep Brown.

Next up a quick subtle contour on the cheeks and top of the forehead / hairline using a Maybelline product again! Their Master Sculpt Face Pallette in Medium/Dark 


On the cheeks it helps to suck in your cheeks a little to show where your cheekbones end and apply a little powder under there, then blend, blend, blend!

Finally, I applied a little colour to my cheeks using a big fluffy brush and L’Oreal Paris ‘True Match Face Blush in Peach.

Now, time for the eyes!

Look 1

I started by using my new Maybelline Rock Nudes eye shadow palette.



For this look I used the silver and glittery blue-black eye shadows:

First I swept the silver all over my lid:


Then used the blue-black to define the crease and swept it up towards my brow bone. I blended the 2 colours together really well to create a subtle smokey look.


Next up, grab a thin brush and coat it in the Colour Tattoo Eye Shadow of your choice – for this I’m using the turquoise blue. Apply a thin line of the colour across the top of your lid, as close to the lash line as you can.


Then extend the lines out a little to create a wing:



Finish with a coat of mascara and you’re done! I’m using Rimmel’s Volume Colourist Mascara.


Look 1 Finished




Look 2

As much as I loved this look I had to take it off to do the next one. Waaahhh! (You might notice I was a little sloppy and there’s a hint of blue left close to my lashes but shhh! Let’s just pretend that’s not there… 😉 )

Right, so exact same products, completely different look – let’s go!

Grab your Maybelline Rock Nudes Palette. again and this time we’re going to use the matte colours rather than the glittery ones. First sweep the cream / beige over your entire eyelid:

IMG_9971_3 Cream.jpg


Then use the dark brown to add a little shadow in the crease and far corner of the eye. Bring it up towards the brow bone and create a subtle smokey eye again!

IMG_9971_4 Brown.jpg



Now, choose your colour of Colour Tattoo Eye Shadow again – here I’m using Eternal Gold!

I’m going to start by applying a thin coat of the gold over my entire eye lid – you really don’t need much of this because it’s really pigmented!



Then add a little under the outer corner of the eye:img_9928


At this stage I decided to add a little more of the brown to make it a little darker:


I figured darker here would be better for making the gold pop in this next step: I extended the gold out further into a big, bold, glittery wing.


Once again, finish with a quick coat of Rimmel’s Volume Colourist Mascara, then go show off your angel-like gold winged eyes to the world!


Look 2 Finished




Which of these is your favourite look!? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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