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Liquid Eyeliner Dos and Don’ts

Liquid eyeliner can look A-Maaaazing but it can be so hard to master! I’ve been trying for 7 years and while I still wear it everyday, I’m still no where near perfection. Waaahhh!

Here are a few tips to make mastering your eyeliner a lot easier; a couple of things to do and what to avoid.

DO: Apply your eyeliner in one smooth line and keep it as close to the lash line as possible


DON’T: Leave a gap between the liner and lash line.

DON’T: Leave the line wobbly or with dashes if applying with small strokes

DON’T: Bring the eyeliner down in the corner of your eye

This makes your eye appear more downturned and smaller than it is


DO: Flick the eyeliner up in the far corner to make your eye appear bigger and wider

This will also give you the appearance of being more awake and healthier!


DON’T: Apply your eyeliner too thick

This will make your eye lid look heavier making you look sleepier, sadder and smaller


DON’T: Apply the flick or wing as an afterthought


DO: Connect the wing to the rest of the liner smoothly and keep it one continuous upwards line


4 thoughts on “Liquid Eyeliner Dos and Don’ts”

  1. The problem I’m always trying to solve is… after a few hours of wear my eyeliner smugges. Than it just looks like I have dark circircles under my eyes. Maybe a new brand would help.

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    1. I used to have this problem too! I found it can really help to use a primer on your eye before you apply the liner to make it last longer. In terms of long-lasting brands, my favourie high-street liner is L’Oreal’s Super Slim Eyeliner in Intense Black but Maybelline’s Master Ink Liquid Eyeliner is also pretty decent for not smudging 🙂
      Also, pencil eyeliners are way more prone to smudging that liquid, so for long-lasting wear always go liquid 🙂


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