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Making Felicity Fox

Something a little different today!

This Christmas I got an adorable little make your own fox kit from my little nephew Isaac. It is soooo adorable and I was so excited to make it!


So, here’s the whole process of how I made my little fox who I named Felicity!

This is what’s in the kit: fabric with the adorable fox design, lots and lots of stuffing, instructions and a cute ‘handmade by me’ tag!


I needed to have a sewing kit with needle & thread and scissors too.

You start by cutting out the little fox shapes and laying them together with the print sides facing.


Then sew the little fox together! This would have been so quick if I’d had a sewing machine but I had to hand-sew it and it took a while but it was fun!


It’s important to leave a little opening at the bottom though!



Next up, I flipped the little fox inside out which was trickier than it sounds! It was mostly the ears which caused a bit of trouble…


Then I filled her up with the stuffing. I made sure to try and fill her ears first, and really smushed it in there, then her face, then body.. obviously…


Look how adorable she was looking at this point! Then I just had to sew her bum shut and she was finished!


Eeee! She’s so cute, I love her!


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