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Outfit of the Day: A Dress Like Fire

One of my favourite dresses is this gorgeous, floaty orange-red strapless dress. It’s so pretty and feminine. I love how it flows and moves and makes me feel like a princess!


Me and Dan spent far too long earlier playing around; I was continually spinning round in circles while Dan took photos. I had too much fun just spinning and moving while wearing this dress…




The dress is made from such a light fabric that even though it’s made up of quite a few layers, it’s still easy to wear.

The print was what really caught my eye when I first got it though, I love how it’s so bright and bold and just really fun!




For the makeup with this dress I went for really bold black eyeliner with a gold, orange, rad gradient. The lips I went bold again with a red matte lip colour. I wanted to keep the jewellery as fun and relaxed as the dress so I went for feathered earrings and a feathered hair accessory.


OK, just a little more spinning…





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