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Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

You might have seen my post about the outfit and makeup I wore for Valentine’s Day this year and today I’m going to be running through a little tutorial for the makeup look. It’s a really simple look but I feel it’ll be really flattering for so many different people, plus, it’s all done with affordably products you can find on the high street.

Before and After


Step 1: The Eyebrows

Excuse the awful state of my skin at the moment, it’s going through a bit of a rough patch… but we’ll have a go at covering that up in a moment. We’re going to start with the brows instead.

As always, I started by filling in my eyebrows using the Maybelline Master Brow palette.


I try to just follow the natural shape of my brow and only fill it lightly – the idea is to just give your brow a bit more of a defined shape, but you don’t want to go too dark with it. Similarly, try not to over-line the brow too much – it can look really silly.


Here, the brow on the left is filled and the brow on the right has been left natural for now.


Step 2: The Eyes

Next up I’m going to start adding some colour to the lids using my Revolution Eyes Like Angels palette.


First up I’m going to wash a pale metallic pink over the entire lid.


Then I’m going to add a dark, navy blue in the corner of the eye and blend it into the pink. The start to add a little dark grey and blend that upwards towards the brow bone so it creates a smokey-look.

Then I’m going to take a slim black eyeliner pen, my favourite is the L’Oreal Paris Super Slim Eyeliner . I drew a really thin line over the entire lid, as close to the lashes as possible.


Then I extended the line outwards at the edges and created a long, smooth wing.


Step 3: The Face

With the eyes done, I grabbed my go-to foundation and applied a thin coat all over my face. I use Maybelline’s Dream Satin Liquid in the shade Cameo and I always use a really small amount (see below) – I don’t like the idea of painting it on my face, I just apply it with a sponge and blend it out so it just evens out the skin tone.


This amount on the back of my hand is all I use for my entire face and blending out to my neck.


Next up is concealer and this was really essential for me today because I had quite a few little problem areas I wanted to cover up.

At the moment I’m using the Max Factor Mastertouch Liquid Concealer Pen which I really like but find I am getting through it really quickly so in terms of value for money, I’m not sure how I feel about it.





Step 4: Contour and Blush

Now my skin is looking better but I still felt it looked a bit flat so I decided to add a little contour to help bring out my cheek bones a little more. I use the Maybelline Master Sculpt Face Palette in Medium/Dark.


I start by adding a fairly dark strip of the powder under the cheek…
…then start to blend it out until it looks more natural…
…something like this.

Now to add a little colour, I added some blush to the apples of my cheeks.

I start my tapping it onto the apples and then blending up and out towards the edges of my face.



The blush should be blended well enough that there are no obvious or sharp edges.
Here’s the difference blush makes: The left side has blush, the right side doesn’t.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Finally I went back and added a little touch of mascara and lip gloss.





The Finished Look


Product List

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid – 20 Cameo

Maybelline Master Sculpt Face Palette Medium/Dark 

Max Factor Mastertouch Liquid Concealer Pen 

L’Oreal Paris True Match Face Blush – 160 Peach 


Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette Kit Deep Brown 

Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels Eyeshadow Palette

L’Oreal Paris Super Slim Eyeliner Intense Black 

Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara 

Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain – Romantic



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