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We Went To The Zoo!

Another post that’s a little bit different today but a really exciting one! This week Dan decided to take a day off work and treat me to a day at London Zoo. He knows I love animals and love photography (for anyone who hasn’t seen it, if you’re interested my photography portfolio is over here) so zoos are some of my favourite places!

We’ve been living in London for over 6 months now and it’s something we’ve wanted to do for ages, so we finally just decided to do it! Plus, we found 2 for 1 tickets online with national rail (you just need a railcard of some kind) so it only cost just under £30 for the both of us.

The Highlight: Tigers

My favourite animals are definitely tigers so I was super-excited to see them at London Zoo!

There was a male tiger prowling around his own enclosure, while the second area had a mother and her 2 (almost grown up) cubs. They were all so gorgeous and we got to see the mum cleaning and playing with her babies, which was so adorable!

The male tiger was constantly prowling up and down the glass divide between the 2 enclosures, watching what the other tigers were doing.






The aquarium was fantastic and split up into saltwater, freshwater and tropical fish. The tropical fish were easily my favourite because they’re so bright and pretty and their tanks were filled with coral, unusual plants and sea anemones.




The Reptile Room House

I loved the reptile house (although thanks to A Series of Unfortunate Events I constantly wanted to call it the Reptile Room!). I’m a huge fan of snakes and frogs in particular and this part of the zoo did not disappoint at all – they had all my favourites!

This cheeky little Snek just kept sticking his tongue out at me!

There were giant Anacondas, Royal Pythons, Tree Frogs and Poison Dart Frogs and so many others who I’d never seen before like the Gidgee Spiny-Tailed Skinks which were really adorable (see the 2 lizard-like creatures cuddling below)!

This little guy is a Fea’s Tree Frog and just in front of him is his lunch…


This adorable little guy is called the Rhinoceros Snake because of the cute little horn on his nose! He was such a pretty colour; so many gorgeous shades of green!
Here is one of the prettiest but also the tiniest frogs I’ve ever seen and he’s a type of poison dart frog known as the Dyeing Dart Frog.


The monkey areas, particularly Gorilla Kingdom, were the perfect opportunity for plenty of ‘Look Dan, it’s you!’ jokes because I am both hilarious and completely original.


Some of my favourites (of the monkey-type animals) were the Tamarins; there were 2 adorable Golden Lion Tamarins including one little beauty who only had 3 legs but was super-friendly and came really close to us!


There were also a few lovely Emperor Tamarins who are some of my favourites, ever since Dan got me a toy one for my birthday last year while we were in Greece – he’s called Charlie.

There was a whole area, which was beautifully decorated, filled with animals from India including 3 Gray langurs. At first I was like ‘These guys are beautiful! So majestic!’ – I mean, look at this one posing like he’s a real model:


But then they started grooming each other and eating it… including from the bottom! Yucky! It was pretty funny, though. I got some photos of it, but for the sake of anyone reading this, I’m not going to post the photos of the monkeys showing us their bums! 😉



I think I’ve found my spirit animals in sloths. They are wonderful.


Everyone Else

Other highlights included the lions, the adorable sleepy meerkats, and the butterfly house.



I also got a great chance to pet an adorable Giant African Land Snail called Ferrari.



The insect house was really cool as well. I got completely freaked out by the spider area and refused to go in the bit with the free-roaming spiders because what kind of crazy person would want to go in there?! But, apart from that it was awesome! There were all these amazing insects and bugs which had unbelievable camouflage, like Katydids, who are also known as Bush Crickets, or great skills, like the Weaver Ants.




I also absolutely loved Penguin Bay, where a heron also lived.




There were so many other amazing animals like the giraffes, pygmy hippos, fruit bats, lorises, mole rats, tawny frogmouths, owls and hunting dogs.

The only disappointments were the lack of elephants, red pandas and capybaras. But the rest of it was perfect so I can’t complain!




Sorry for the long post this time, but it was just such a fantastic day and I had the best time so I couldn’t wait to share it!

I just want to end this by saying a huge thank you to Dan for giving me the best day and for being so patient every time I wanted to stop and take a hundred photos… 🙂

If anyone else has been to London Zoo, let me know what you thought of it down in the comments! Otherwise, just let me know which animal is your favourite – if you say tigers as well, I will automatically want to be your bestie 😉


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