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Kitten Heels: The Good, The Fad or The Ugly?

Kitten heels are back this year in a big way but apparently this has been a bit controversial…

I mean, at a glance they’re more practical and comfier than regular heels or stilettos, so what’s the problem?!

Well the problem is, I’ve heard them called granny shoes. I’ve heard people say they’re ‘so 2002 / 80s / 50s’. I’ve even seen them referred to as ‘the mullet of shoes‘. And my favourite quote: they’re ‘a shoe I feel Mary Poppins would quite enjoy‘.

Some argue they’re unflattering and that they make even long legs look stumpy. But I just don’t see how this can be the case for everyone? Surely if you pair them with the right kind of skirt / trousers / dress it could work? I don’t believe they can just be universally unflattering.

On the other hand, I’ve seen them described at dainty, ladylike, and elegantly functional. However, I’ve also seen them labelled as the new ‘power shoe’ since Theresa May has been seen rocking them.

They’re definitely a divisive shoe, but this year they’ve been revamped in a big way. The Vetements x Manolo Blahnik collection updated kitten heels with this season’s big in-colour: blue.


Meanwhile, other brands played around with the kitten heel trying out different shapes and using fabrics we’ve not seen on this shape before – just check out these awesome JW Anderson kitten heels:


But, while I’m all for looking at designers for inspiration my true love is finding affordable high street pieces for every trend! So, if you fancy giving kitten heels a try, here are a few of my high street favourites:

H&M Red Slingbacks – £19.99


House of Fraser Miss KG Archer Sandals – £69.00


Topshop Jemma Point Mid Court Shoes – £59.99


Asos Speaker Pointed Heels – £28.00


New Look Black Comfort Metal Trim Kitten Heels – £22.99


The Verdict: Mostly Good, Possibly a Fad.

Overall, I really don’t hate the kitten heel. I think it can be a really cute shoe that’s super versatile and great for so many different people!

Will it catch on big time and be the it shoe of 2017? I’m not so sure, I still think a lot of people look down on it and will continue to hate it. But for now, I’m a convert and I’ll definitely be looking to invest in a pair this season!

What’s your opinion on kitten heels? Let me know down in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Kitten Heels: The Good, The Fad or The Ugly?”

  1. I’m so conflicted – on one hand, some of them are cute but for the most part i like my heels HIGH… to be honest, i wouldn’t judge anyone else for wearing them (that is reserved for crocs…eugh.) but I wouldn’t buy myself. great post x

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