5 Questions to Ask Before Buying New Clothes - Affordably Fashionable - Rachel Oates
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Questions To Ask Yourself When Shopping on a Budget

If you love clothes shopping as much as me, you’ll probably have made a few mistakes over the years…

So, to try and avoid that I came up with 5 questions I always ask myself before I buy any new clothes / shoes / accessories and hopefully they’ll make your shopping experience easier and a lot more fun! 🙂

This Makeup Look

For my makeup look in this video I tried something a little different with my eyeliner; instead of a medium-thick wing, I instead opted for a very thin line with no flick… and I kind of like it! It’s different to what I’m use to but I think it’s a good look and makes a nice change for me 🙂



I also went for a pink / brown slightly smokey eye with my go-to peachy blush and pale pink lip gloss. 🙂




Which tip did you find the most helpful and what questions do you consider when shopping for new clothes? Let me know down in the comments!

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