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Grungy Makeup Look

This week I decided to try out a makeup look where I could do all the eye makeup with one product / palette. Having a look around Instagram for some inspiration, I decided to try out a sort of grunge-inspired look using my Rimmel Glam Eyes Five Pan HD Eyeshadow in Brixton Brown.

I love this little set which includes a really cute slightly pearlescent cream / beige, 3 brown shades and a gorgeous metallic red.

I used a mix of all these colours, except the red, to create a sort of smokey eye with a thin line of black eyeliner, and strong brows.


For the rest of the face I used no blush at all but a little contour to sculpt my cheeks and added dark red lipstick.

With my hair, I’m not sure how well it shows up on the photos, but I tried out a new technique using my Nicky Clarke hairstraighteners to create a loose wave, reminiscent of a wide crimp. I’ll possible make a video about how I do this at some point, but the basic technique involves taking wide strips of hair and using the straighteners to create “bends” in alternating directions down the strip of hair, then brushing them out to make them softer.

For the photos I decided to go for some cool, OTT lighting to slightly over expose the skin and then go for a grungy editing technique in Photoshop. Plus, because it’s a grunge-inspired look, I had to loo all moody and forget how to smile 😉 They were actually pretty fun photos to take and edit and I enjoyed wearing this makeup a lot!



My moody-face is moodier than your moody-face 😉


Product List

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer 
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid – 20 Cameo
Maybelline Master Sculpt Face Palette Medium/Dark 
Max Factor Mastertouch Liquid Concealer Pen 
Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette Kit Deep Brown 
Rimmel Glam Eyes Five Pan HD Eyeshadow, Brixton Brown
L’Oreal Paris Super Slim Eyeliner Intense Black 
Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara 
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Black Cherry

You can find out more about the H&M t-shirt I’m wearing over on this blog post. 🙂

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