Growing up in Yorkshire - Penistone - Penistone Grammar School - Rachel Oates
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The Truth about Growing Up In South Yorkshire: My Experience

Last week while doing research for another video, I started thinking a lot about my teenage years and growing up in the small, Yorkshire town of Penistone.

In the end I decided to make a video about it. It was so scary to make and even scarier to post as it was so personal and completely different from anything else I’ve posted.

Generally, people tend to be pretty proud of their Yorkshire roots, they get protective about Yorkshire, so I was a little bit terrified to post this but, surprisingly, the response from everyone has been really positive! that said, no one I used to know from Penistone has actually seen it / mentioned it, which is pretyt much the best thing I could have asked for.

My years in Penistone, especially at Penistone Grammar School, were incredibly unhappy. They were difficult and they did leave me with a lot of insecurities and issues which I still struggle with today. So I decided I finally wanted to speak out about it and why I’ll never move back to the area.

There are way too many kids out there who feel out of place in their home town, and who don’t enjoy school. It can be so lonely and it can be really hard, so I think this is just a bit of a ‘hey, it does get better!’ sort of message to those people.

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