Greenwhich Birthday Photography by Rachel Oates
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My 24th Birthday

On Tuesday I turned 24 and that feels old. Sure, Dan gave me the whole ‘nah we’re still young, we still have X amount of years until Y’ talk, but it still feels old. Like, I should be a real adult with my life together. When really, I still have no idea what I should be doing and I’m just going round trying all these different projects and making bits of money here and there until I figure out what’s not going to make me crazy.

Ugh life. All that said, I have a completely perfect, wonderful birthday which I spent with Dan in Greenwich. He was lovely and took the day off work to spend with me and we spent the morning napping, eating chocolate and watching crap TV before walking over to Greenwich Park.

Dan got me the most gorgeous (faux)leather jacket from H&M and it’s absolutely perfect! It’s just my style and I love it so much! It’s also pretty perfect timing because my other go-to leather jacket, which I’ve had for about 5 years now, has finally started falling apart and is looking pretty scruffy in places.




In Greenwich Park Dan let me wander around taking (literally) hundreds of photos, then we stopped and ate snacks while befriending a squirrel. We called him Squiggle and after about 40 minutes he was trusting us enough to come right up to us and take food!

I should, but I will not, apologize for the ridiculous number of photos below of my new best friend.








When we finally pulled ourselves away from little Squiggle (we didn’t want to), we had a wander around and took more photos.

There was this one tree that looked kind of ridiculous, like it had grown upside down… I know, that sounds weird but it looked weird! Anyway, when we walked round the back, it turned out that it had sort of all grown on one side and looked a bit like a tree-tent. Of course, Dan went inside and tried to climb it. At one point, he was hanging upside down from a branch shouting ‘RACKEL LOOK! I’M A SQUIRREL’. He is adorable. ♥

The upside down tree-tent. 


I do love him. 







We then walked up towards the observatory to one of my favourite parts of London. I mean I love the observatory and if you’ve never been you should go, it’s so interesting! But, the part I love the most is when you’re standing at the top of that hill and you can just look down over all of London.

Queen’s House is at the bottom looking beautiful and in the background you can see all of Canary Wharf including the building where Dan works – also check out 1 Canada Square with the pointy roof which is the second tallest building in London!

To the right is the O2 Arena and to the left you can see central London and all the big buildings: the Shard, St. Paul’s, the gherkin, walkie-talkie and so many more!






After running down the hill with me screaming ‘I’m too old for this!’ while a small child gave us strange looks, we decided to go into Queen’s House. It’s pretty beautiful in there and they had some cool pieces of art.


The Tulip Stairs




This is one of the earliest English paintings of a kangaroo… um… at least it’s cute! 

After this we went over to Greenwich Market and ate street food including mini-pancakes with toffee sauce and marshmallows! We spent the evening re-watching Breaking Bad and eating burgers from GBK.


A pretty perfect birthday. ♥

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