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Holiday Outfits

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you might have seen me and Dan recently went away for the week, to the very sunny Gran Canaria. I also posted a lot of photos on my personal account.

It was a really lovely week and, while we were there, I tried to make sure I documented my outfits everyday! So here’s a quick rundown of what I wore on holiday:

Day 1


Here I’m wearing a cute H&M floral bikini which I bought last year, Primark white shorts with adorable lace-detail on the front and a blue, light cardigan which (I think!) is from New Look.


Day 2


Day 2 I wore the same white Primark shorts and one of their white kaftans from last year. Under this I was wear my favourite New Look bikini which is blue with some adorable little gem details.



Day 3


Day 3 I wore the white Primark shorts again, what a surprise! Don’t blame me, they’re soooo comfy! I also wore a new floral Primark bikini and floral kaftan – both of these I bought this year and spoke about in this haul video.



Day 4


Day 4 we took a boat into the nearby town of Mogan and explored. Today was considerably cooler so I wore this cute Superdry dress and some boots because walking.


Day 5


Wait. What? Different shorts?! What is this madness?! Yes, I decided to mix things up and wear different shorts… for one day.

These cute little denim shorts are from New Look and I’ve had them forever. Well… like 6 or 7 years. I love them. The bikini I’m wear is from Primark. It’s not my usual style but I figured I’d try something different because it was crazy cheap – the top and bottoms were just £2 each! And I actually love it! It’s a really cute fabric, a really cute style and really comfy!


In the evening we went out for food and I decided to dress up a little. I mean we ate out a lot but it was the dressing up which was new this time 😉 I wore this adorable little H&M dress. I spoke about it in this video and I’ve worn it soooo much since I bought it!


Day 6


Last full day so last day of pretty clothes and not just leggins and a t-shirt for flying in! I wore this adorable little striped navy and white bikini which I think may be from Primark. I bought it last year. That was a year ago. I am old now and forget things.

And of course… THE WHITE SHORTS ARE BACK. Of course.

For the evening, I wore my new floral maxi-dress from Primark. I was silly enough to not get a proper photo wearing this, however here is one where you can juuuuust about see the sleeves. I mean what more do you need to see? 😐


More Photos

I know this is a clothes-related post but I figured it might be fun to end with a couple of holiday photos! 🙂











Which outfit was your favourite? 🙂

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