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L’Oreal Colorista Spray Review

I recently tried L’Oreal’s new temporary hair colouring spray in the shade turquoise – it’s supposed to be a 1-day hair colour that washes out which also shows up on dark hair. I was so excited to try this although it didn’t quite live up to expectations…

The Good Stuff

The colour itself was more blue than turquoise but it was definitely pretty and it did show up on my dark hair.

It’s supposed to wash out easily and it does! I did have to shampoo twice in the shower but with this, it was all gone!

The Bad Stuff

There’s not a lot in the can. I ended up using a whole can, which cost me around £7 and it barely even covered the tips of my hair. What it did cover was patchy and awkward looking.

When it was in my hair it made the texture really sticky and mt hair felt easily notted – it gave it a really horrible coarse texture and made my hair really dry. There’s no way I could have styled it after spraying with this product.

Also, I ended up absolutely covered in blue – it comes across a little in the video but after filming it got even worse. My face ended up blue, even just moving my hair over my should meant my hands got covered, my entire neck and chest ended up blue and it even got on my clothes a little. Check out the (subtle but still there) splodge of blue across my forehead here:


If you’ve tried this for yourself, let me know how you got on with it in the comments, but honestly, I’m not feeling it and will not be buying it again!


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