About Me…

Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m 24 and currently living in London, UK.

glam smokey eye by rachel oates - fashion style and makeup by rachel oates - affordably fashionable - tutorial

I started Affordably Fashionable to write about all things fashion, style and beauty that are accessible to and affordable for everyone!

Fashion, make-up, hair styling is about so much more than just making yourself look a certain way; it’s about feeling great about yourself, being able to express yourself and being comfortable with how you look in every situation. Everyone should be able to feel this way regardless of age, background or your budget which is what this blog is all about!

I write about fashion, styling and trends, makeup tutorials and beauty product reviews. Occasionally I’ll also write lifestyle posts and book reviews. 🙂

I have a background in Digital Marketing, Design and Photography and am a recent Warwick Business School / University of Warwick grad.


I blog about Photography, Marketing, Art, Graphic and Web Design, Books and a few other bits over on my main site, and science and nature over on WeirdNature.