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Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

You might have seen my post about the outfit and makeup I wore for Valentine's Day this year and today I'm going to be running through a little tutorial for the makeup look. It's a really simple look but I feel it'll be really flattering for so many different people, plus, it's all done with… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

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You can use Lipgloss as Eyeliner?!

Lipgloss as an eyeliner?! Sounds crazy right but it's something I saw on Instagram recently so I figured I'd give it a little go myself! For this I used Max Factor's Lipfinity Lip Gloss in the shade Passionate. Here's what happened: The Finished Look Product List Face Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid - 20 Cameo Maybelline Master… Continue reading You can use Lipgloss as Eyeliner?!

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Liquid Eyeliner Dos and Don’ts

Liquid eyeliner can look A-Maaaazing but it can be so hard to master! I've been trying for 7 years and while I still wear it everyday, I'm still no where near perfection. Waaahhh! Here are a few tips to make mastering your eyeliner a lot easier; a couple of things to do and what to… Continue reading Liquid Eyeliner Dos and Don’ts

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Facial Skin Care Basics

I've always been a big believer that the key to gorgeous makeup is having healthy, clean skin as a foundation. I'm lucky that I've never had issues with acne, although I do still get the occasional spot. I do, however, have issues with dry skin, blackheads and horrible wrinkles around my eyes (thanks to some terrible… Continue reading Facial Skin Care Basics

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5 Basic Makeup Rules for Beginners

For me wearing makeup is always something I've had fun with. Some of my favourite memories as a kid were sitting in front of the mirror in my sister's room trying on makeup (which probably looked ridiculous at the time!) while we listened to music together and she got ready to go out. As I… Continue reading 5 Basic Makeup Rules for Beginners

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5 Eye Makeup Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Hey everyone, in my latest video I decided to tackles some of my biggest pet-hates about eye makeup and show you how to fix them! The Video   The Highlights If you're lazy (like me!) and don't want to sit through 10 minutes of video (although you really should because you get to see me looking… Continue reading 5 Eye Makeup Mistakes You’re Probably Making