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We Went To The Zoo!

Another post that's a little bit different today but a really exciting one! This week Dan decided to take a day off work and treat me to a day at London Zoo. He knows I love animals and love photography (for anyone who hasn't seen it, if you're interested my photography portfolio is over here) so… Continue reading We Went To The Zoo!

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How Well Does My Boyfriend Know Me? Drinking Game

This week I got all dressed up and filmed this cool video about 5 fashion essentials I think every girl needs... except turns out my ENTIRE VIDEO was just out of focus. It was super annoying and I just had to scrap the video, so Dan was lovely enough to help me with a different… Continue reading How Well Does My Boyfriend Know Me? Drinking Game

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Making Felicity Fox

Something a little different today! This Christmas I got an adorable little make your own fox kit from my little nephew Isaac. It is soooo adorable and I was so excited to make it! So, here's the whole process of how I made my little fox who I named Felicity! This is what's in the… Continue reading Making Felicity Fox

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5 Things I Learnt in 2016

I'm not really the sort of person who does things like New Year's Resolutions or even Last Year's Regrets (although that is totally a thing we all go over in our heads, right?!). I'm more into the idea that if you want to change / get better /start something new, you don't need a new… Continue reading 5 Things I Learnt in 2016

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Gilmore Girls, Final 4 Words: Predictions

It's currently 4 hours and 18 minutes until I can begin to binge watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and I am ridiculously excited! Like, stupidly so. This is a little off-topic for this blog but I figured it was still relevant enough to post here because Gilmore Girls is life.  I'll admit I… Continue reading Gilmore Girls, Final 4 Words: Predictions