80s inspired Bold Makeup Inspiration by Rachel Oates - Affordably Fashionable
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80s Inspired Makeup Look

I know I've used this colour palette before but while scrolling through Pinterest, I came across this look from Land of Make-up that I absolutely fell in love with. My look isn't quite as polished as theirs but I'm pretty happy with it for a) a first attempt and b)using only high-street products under £12.… Continue reading 80s Inspired Makeup Look

What I've been Reading in March and April - Rachel Oates
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March & April Reading Wrap Up + AF Reading Challenge Updates

Now I'm back off holiday I'm getting back into the swing of blogging and vlogging more regularly again (and loving it!). In my first post-holiday video I'm talking about a big chunk of the books I read throughout March and April. Sadly, I didn't have time to talk about all of them but I picked… Continue reading March & April Reading Wrap Up + AF Reading Challenge Updates

Pink Fashion Inspiration - Rachel Oates - Affordably Fashionable
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Pink-spiration Under £100

Pink is the in colour this season! And not just a splash of pink, but full-on, head-to-toe pink! I never thought I would like this much pink but, honestly, done well I think it can look so classy and elegant. Whether you want to look ladylike, dressed up, or coasy and casual, here's a little… Continue reading Pink-spiration Under £100

Greenwhich Birthday Photography by Rachel Oates
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My 24th Birthday

On Tuesday I turned 24 and that feels old. Sure, Dan gave me the whole 'nah we're still young, we still have X amount of years until Y' talk, but it still feels old. Like, I should be a real adult with my life together. When really, I still have no idea what I should… Continue reading My 24th Birthday

Stripe Dress OOTD - Rachel Oates - Affordably Fashionable
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OOTD: Blue Stripy Dress

I've had this dress for a little while and it's still one of my absolute favourites! It's a strapless mini dress from Pretty Little Thing, with blue and white vertical strips and wide navy blue bands at the top and waist. My only criticism of this dress is that because of the slight pleating around… Continue reading OOTD: Blue Stripy Dress

Growing up in Yorkshire - Penistone - Penistone Grammar School - Rachel Oates
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The Truth about Growing Up In South Yorkshire: My Experience

Last week while doing research for another video, I started thinking a lot about my teenage years and growing up in the small, Yorkshire town of Penistone. In the end I decided to make a video about it. It was so scary to make and even scarier to post as it was so personal and… Continue reading The Truth about Growing Up In South Yorkshire: My Experience