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Passing University Exams & A Subtle Makeup Look

I spent 5 years at Warwick University and somehow survived through 4 exam seasons in this time... I'm still not sure how! But, with exam time coming up for a lot of my friends, I decided to put a little video together with my top 5 tips for preparing for university exams! Makeup In This… Continue reading Passing University Exams & A Subtle Makeup Look

80s inspired Bold Makeup Inspiration by Rachel Oates - Affordably Fashionable
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80s Inspired Makeup Look

I know I've used this colour palette before but while scrolling through Pinterest, I came across this look from Land of Make-up that I absolutely fell in love with. My look isn't quite as polished as theirs but I'm pretty happy with it for a) a first attempt and b)using only high-street products under £12.… Continue reading 80s Inspired Makeup Look

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Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

You might have seen my post about the outfit and makeup I wore for Valentine's Day this year and today I'm going to be running through a little tutorial for the makeup look. It's a really simple look but I feel it'll be really flattering for so many different people, plus, it's all done with… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

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Cosy, Casual Look of the Day

For today's post I figured I'd just get back into the swing of things with a simple, casual makeup look!   I don't have any special plans today, I'm just working on a freelance marketing project from home, so comfort was the goal! I'm wearing my cosy new Primark leggings out of pure laziness because they… Continue reading Cosy, Casual Look of the Day

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Red & Gold Eyes

Last Friday I decided to try out another variation of the Pumpkin Spice Autumn look, this time with red and gold as the focus rather than just oranges. I also added my classic black eyeliner which I almost always wear and even tried out some false eyelashes. I'll be honest, I'm usually pretty awful with… Continue reading Red & Gold Eyes

affordably fashionable by rachel oates pumpkin spice latte makeup
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Pumpkin Spice Autumn Makeup

Hey everyone, this week I was inspired by this post over on Becca's blog with her Pumpkin Spice Smokey Eye look, so I decided to attempt my own version. It's a little different; uses some different products and is more suited to my eye shape but the principle is the same. Here's the finished look… Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Autumn Makeup