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Testing Affordable Foundation Applicators

I always use a makeup sponge to apply my foundation but I recently started watching a bunch of reviews of silicon applicators (and how bad they are) and got a bit inspired. I decided to try out a couple of different methods for applying my foundation which don't cost a fortune... in fact they barely cost… Continue reading Testing Affordable Foundation Applicators

Testing 6 Lip Colours L'Oreal Magnetic Coral - Rachel Oates - Affordably Fashionable
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Testing 6 Lip Colours with 1 Makeup Look

One of the things I always struggle with when it comes to makeup is figuring out which lip colour I need... I'm getting better with things like my eye makeup, my face and figuring out what colours work for my skin tone and the clothes I'm wearing. But then it comes to the lips and… Continue reading Testing 6 Lip Colours with 1 Makeup Look

ASDA Day Cream - Affordably Fashionable - Rachel Oates
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The Skin System Radiance Day Cream | REVIEW

Just last week I spotted The Skin System Range in Asda - it's a super-affordable range designed specifically for the supermarket - basically own-brand skincare at crazy prices. The Day and Night creams were just £2 each which sounds little too good to be true. So I decided to grab the Day Cream and test… Continue reading The Skin System Radiance Day Cream | REVIEW

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You can use Lipgloss as Eyeliner?!

Lipgloss as an eyeliner?! Sounds crazy right but it's something I saw on Instagram recently so I figured I'd give it a little go myself! For this I used Max Factor's Lipfinity Lip Gloss in the shade Passionate. Here's what happened: The Finished Look Product List Face Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid - 20 Cameo Maybelline Master… Continue reading You can use Lipgloss as Eyeliner?!

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Attempting A Bright New Eye Makeup Look

Recently I've noticed how I always end up doing very similar makeup looks... always with golds, silvers, blacks, reds... So I decided I was going to try something a little different. I started filming a video with a basic colour palette in mind but not much else. Here's the gradient that was my inspiration: And… Continue reading Attempting A Bright New Eye Makeup Look

fashion style and makeup by rachel oates - affordably fashionable - tutorial
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Green Look of the Day

Today I decided to embrace a colour I don't wear too often: Green. I have weird feelings about green. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I feel like it's the worst colour ever. That said, this green and white leaf-patterned dress has been one of my favourites for the last couple of years and I love… Continue reading Green Look of the Day