Gran Canaria - Rachel Oates
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Holiday Outfits

If you've been following me on Instagram you might have seen me and Dan recently went away for the week, to the very sunny Gran Canaria. I also posted a lot of photos on my personal account. It was a really lovely week and, while we were there, I tried to make sure I documented… Continue reading Holiday Outfits

Greenwhich Birthday Photography by Rachel Oates
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My 24th Birthday

On Tuesday I turned 24 and that feels old. Sure, Dan gave me the whole 'nah we're still young, we still have X amount of years until Y' talk, but it still feels old. Like, I should be a real adult with my life together. When really, I still have no idea what I should… Continue reading My 24th Birthday

ZSL London Zoo - Rachel Oates
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We Went To The Zoo!

Another post that's a little bit different today but a really exciting one! This week Dan decided to take a day off work and treat me to a day at London Zoo. He knows I love animals and love photography (for anyone who hasn't seen it, if you're interested my photography portfolio is over here) so… Continue reading We Went To The Zoo!