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Everyday Makeup Tutorial with Affordable Products

I've definitely got into a kind of habit with my makeup - I have a pretty similar routine for every video I film. Today I thought I'd run through a simple tutorial of my everyday makeup routine - I've included a list of every product I use at the end - everything I use was… Continue reading Everyday Makeup Tutorial with Affordable Products

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Attempting A Bright New Eye Makeup Look

Recently I've noticed how I always end up doing very similar makeup looks... always with golds, silvers, blacks, reds... So I decided I was going to try something a little different. I started filming a video with a basic colour palette in mind but not much else. Here's the gradient that was my inspiration: And… Continue reading Attempting A Bright New Eye Makeup Look

New Makeup Haul - Superdrug November 2016 - Affordably Fashionable by Rachel Oates
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Mini Makeup Haul

This week I headed into Superdrug for a can of dry shampoo (Batiste of course) and left with a small bundle of makeup! Oops... I just couldn't help it! Turns out they have this awesome 3 for 2 deal across all cosmetics and nail products at the moment, which I just couldn't say no to.… Continue reading Mini Makeup Haul