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Suiting Up

Whether you're new to this blog or you've been reading it for a while, you might have guessed that I'm a big fan of putting together outfits and makeup looks without spending a fortune. I genuinely believe that just because you're on a budget, it doesn't have to mean you don't always feel and look… Continue reading Suiting Up

Greenwhich Birthday Photography by Rachel Oates
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My 24th Birthday

On Tuesday I turned 24 and that feels old. Sure, Dan gave me the whole 'nah we're still young, we still have X amount of years until Y' talk, but it still feels old. Like, I should be a real adult with my life together. When really, I still have no idea what I should… Continue reading My 24th Birthday

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Why I Go Make-Up Free Most Days (or How I Learned To Stop Hating My Face)

When I was 16 I got a pretty horrific case of chicken pox which left me with marks all over my face and body. Normally not the serious when you’re a kid but complete hell when you’re older. 7 years on and I still have scars. Some are on my stomach and legs which I… Continue reading Why I Go Make-Up Free Most Days (or How I Learned To Stop Hating My Face)

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Interview Style

Regardless of your age, gender or even what job you'er going for, choosing a killer outfit for your interview is always stressful. You want to look smart, professional and have them begging to give you the job but you also don't want to look like every other candidate they've had - you need to stand… Continue reading Interview Style

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Fashion Favourite: Emma Watson

We're taking a step away from high street favourites and looking at some style inspiration from the awesome Emma Watson! I love, love, love this look from this May's Met Gala! It caused a big stir at the time for being made from recycled plastic bottles but I love it for other reasons. She rocks… Continue reading Fashion Favourite: Emma Watson

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4 Perfect Slip Dresses For Summer

Slip dresses are  back in style this summer and I love them - they're perfect for that transition between comfy day-wear and cute evening-wear. So here are my 4 favourite & affordable slip dresses! Pink Print Asymmetric Slip Dress - River Island - £30.00 This is currently my absolute, favourite dress. It's beautiful, bold, flattering and… Continue reading 4 Perfect Slip Dresses For Summer

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How To Wear It: Sequins and Sparkle

Spring 2016 is big on sequins and sparkles in bright colours and they're a great way to add a bit of fun to your wardrobe, but it's scarily easy to slip from trendy to toddler! So here's my guide to wearing sequins in 2016 while staying classy (and keeping under budget!) Dresses & Skirts The… Continue reading How To Wear It: Sequins and Sparkle